"Thank you for your outstanding contributions, commitment, and participation in this project. Your willingness to be a part of our total project team made it possible for us to realize the completion of a sometimes challenging job."
General Contractor, Loveland, CO


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Storm Water & Irrigation

Water has a mind of its own, and without manmade structures and engineered water distribution plans, it is capable of wrecking havoc. Whether you live in an area with a high water table and you've got flooding concerns, or your land is washing away with each rainstorm – Nixcavating is able to aid with solutions.

Having sufficient water when and where you need it is a vital ingredient to the farming recipe, and without proper irrigation routes, your water supply is left to chance. Let Nixcavating ensure the water doesn't have any unnecessary obstacles, and there is still plenty around when your crops need it most.


    • Headwall Installation
    • Toe Drain Installation
    • Ditch cleaning 




Erosion Control and Flood Management 

    • Retaining Pond
    • Pump Station 
    • Rip Rap
    • Silt Fence
    • French Drain
    • Sump Pit

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